Encyclopedia Geopolitica is a collaborative effort to bring you thoughtful analytical briefings on world affairs. Contributors include Military officers, Geopolitical Intelligence analysts, Corporate Security professionals, Government officials, Academics and Journalists from around the globe. Topics cover diplomatic and foreign affairs, military developments, international relations, terrorism, armed conflict, espionage and the broader elements of statecraft. If you would like to work with us, please feel free to get in touch.

Please note that due to the sensitive nature of their work, some of our analysts operate under a nom de plume.

Lewis Sage-Passant

Lewis Sage-Passant is a Doctoral Researcher in the field of intelligence and former Military Intelligence Officer with extensive experience working and living in the Middle East and North Africa and Asia Pacific regions in a variety of geopolitical analysis, security & conflict risk and threat intelligence roles. Lewis specialises in geopolitical intelligence support to the oil & gas industry, the financial sector and leading technology firms.

 Simon Schofield

Simon Schofield is a Deputy Director of the Human Security Centre, where he researches a broad range of security issues from terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and human rights issues. He has served as a geopolitical consultant for numerous news outlets including the BBC, RTE, and the International Business Times.

Eamon Driscoll

Eamon Driscoll is a graduate of the University of Illinois and postgraduate of Geopolitics, Territory and Security at King’s College, London. Eamon focuses on issues in Russia and the wider Commonwealth of Independent States, which has furnished him with extensive experience on the topic of breakaway states. His current academic focus is on the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad and how its unique position has forced the region to develop differently from other Russian territories, especially in the shadow of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Alexander Smith

Alex is the senior analyst for East Asia at a UK-based intelligence firm. He is a graduate of King’s College London Department of War Studies and has worked in Hong Kong in corporate security for the banking sector.

John Rugarber

John Rugarber is a former United States Army Captain and graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point with multiple tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. John is a recent graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies with a concentration in Conflict Management, and focuses on Europe, Russia and the former Soviet Union states.

Anthony Clay

Anthony Clay is a former Surface Warfare Officer of the United States Navy who has served in every operational fleet, and most geographic Combatant Commands. He has an International Relations Degree from Tulane University and a Operations Research Masters Degree from the Naval Postgraduate School. Anthony finished his military career assigned to a staff posting within a numbered fleet, and now works as a civilian for the Department of Defense.

Archie Hicox

Archie Hicox (pen name) is a serving British Army officer with an academic background in current affairs and international relations. He has deployed throughout the world on multiple operations, most of which are spent in mentoring roles with local forces. He is particularly passionate about Middle Eastern geopolitical affairs.

Edwin Tran

Edwin Tran is a global security intelligence analyst focused on the Levantine region. He works in private sector intelligence and is interested in political legitimacy, institutions, and civil society. He is also deeply interested in the history of the Eurasian Steppe (hosting the Nomads and Empires podcast). Edwin holds degrees in History and International Affairs, and has published work in various newspapers and academic journals, and has spent time living and researching in the Levant region.

 John Quentin

John Quentin is a United States-based political risk analyst with a background in government intelligence, now working in the private sector with a particular focus on the Asia region. John has conducted intensive analysis on South and Southeast Asia for a variety of corporate and government audiences for the past nine years.

Charlie Song

Charlie Song is a former United States Army Infantry NCO and Officer turned private sector geopolitical expert. He has a Masters in International Relations, and his areas of focus include North Korea, covert activity, U.S. and global security affairs. Charlie is currently employed at a major multinational corporation providing geopolitical expertise on the Asia-Pacific region.

Ananay Agarwal

Ananay Agarwal is a graduate of Delhi University and is currently a master’s student of Economics at the Institut d’études Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), and focuses on India and the wider South Asia region in both modern and historical geopolitics. He has gained first-hand experience in India’s burgeoning public-policy sector, having worked with several Members of Parliament.

Maria Robson

Maria Robson is a former Security Intelligence Analyst for the energy industry and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in International Security and Political Science. Her areas of focus include the Americas, North and West Africa, and the Middle East.

Manish Gohil

Manish Gohil is a geopolitical writer specialising on South Asian Security and International Water Security. Manish holds extensive field-based research on Indo-Nepalese Transboundary Water Management and is currently conducting research on the participation of diaspora groups towards homeland secessionist movements.

John Fee

John Fee is a former signaller of the British Army with expertise in executive protection operations and risk analysis. A recent graduate of Malmö University, having studied Peace and Conflict and International Relations. John’s analytical focus concerns European security challenges—notably political warfare, information operations and the increasing prevalence of transnational actors.

Colin Reed

Colin Reed is a geopolitical risk advisor working in the US technology sector, specializing in strategic intelligence and global planning for businesses and executives. In his current role he works to identify, assess, and inform senior technology leaders on emerging topics of geopolitical & economic significance, and chairs an intrabusiness Geopolitical Strategy Council which works to align company posture to global events. He is a dual graduate of both Russian History and International Relations from North Carolina State University and a postgraduate in International Security from Georgetown University. Colin previously worked for the US government and engages regularly with industry groups and security professional associations on the intersectionality of multinational business and international affairs.

Ayyub Ibrahim

Ayyub Ibrahim is an American research analyst focusing on human rights and international development who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. Ayyub, currently a Research Fellow at the Innocence Project New Orleans, has previously supported research programs in the United States, MENA, Latin America, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Chloé Bernadaux

Chloé Bernadaux received her master’s degree in International Security from Sciences Po Paris and specializes on Middle East politics, social movements and political economy. She previously conducted research on gender dynamics in the Middle East at the Arab Institute for Women of the Lebanese-American University in Beirut and was a geopolitical columnist at the Lebanese newspaper L’Orient Le Jour.

Marie-Christine Ghreichi

Marie-Christine Ghreichi received her Master’s from Sciences Po, Paris specializing in International Security with a focus on Diplomacy and the Middle East Region. After completing her studies in the United States where she supported a transitional justice research collaborative, she worked with Catholic Relief Services in Beirut, Lebanon before then coming to Paris to pursue her Master’s degree. Her previous research has focused on corruption, social mobilization and accountable governance in the Middle East.

Christopher McNulty

Christopher McNulty is a pen name used by multiple anonymous contributors to Encyclopedia Geopolitica, including an American security analyst based in Afghanistan, and a British insurgency analyst focusing on the Northern Ireland Troubles and the subsequent peace process.